Wexford Celebrates brand new Visitor Welcome Ambassadors programme

Wexford Celebrates brand new Visitor Welcome Ambassadors programme as tourists flock to

Wexford Festival Opera

Wexford Fringe festival

Wexford Spiegeltent Festival

Wexford is piloting a brand new concept, which aims to offer visitors to the town and county an extra warm Wexford Welcome on the streets.

The ‘Wexford Welcome Ambassadors’ programme sees 13 volunteers take to the streets of the town during the 63rd Wexford Festival Opera, the 62nd annual Wexford Fringe Festival and the 3rd annual Wexford Spiegeltent Festival which are now all underway and all run until November 2nd.

Wexford Ambassadors 1

Commenting on the programme launch Carolyne Godkin, Tourism Officer at Wexford County Council said, “There are currently over 400 events on offer through the three festivals and though it isn’t the typical tourism season this is one of the busiest times of year in Wexford and we have tens of thousands of visitors in town everyday for 12 days. The Wexford Town Tourism group knows this programme will have long term positive impacts for Wexford town and indeed the County, providing a friendly welcome to the town for our visitors. We hope to attract more volunteers to the programme, rolling it out to other key locations around Wexford if it proves successful.”

The role of the Welcome Ambassadors is to be street-based friendly faces of Wexford aiming to meet and greet visitors and provide local knowledge and useful information and guiding visitors to utilize the tourist information office on Wexford Quay front.  The roles are completely voluntary and were open to public application; each of the volunteers has completed a familiarization programme in order to participate.

Ms. Godkin, said tourism is a prime industry in Wexford: “Visitor numbers are returning to growth and Wexford has the most international visitor numbers in the South East region so the provision of meet and greet services, information and local knowledge is key to this market.”

Over the last year Visit Wexford and Wexford County Council has undertaken significant national and international marketing, including a South East collaboration and rebranding, a sales mission to the U.S., Germany and Asia, a presence at numerous shows and a redevelopment of it’s web presence on visitwexford.ie

About visitwexford

Tourist information for county Wexford in the Sunny Southeast of Ireland - for further details see www.visitwexford.ie
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