Wexford Means Business Launches Diaspora Ezine

Wexford Means Business has launched its first Ezine Wexford WorldWide to the Diaspora of Wexford just in time for the festive season.

The initiative is planned to boost communication between the county and those who have emigrated in order to raise the profile of the county abroad and promote business and tourism. 

Commenting on the launch on of the EZine, Eamonn Hore, Director of Services, Wexford County Council said, “We are delighted to launch this Ezine to the Wexford dispora, it is something that has been at planned for some time and has now come to fruition. We will engage with the Irish diaspora in a way that is beneficial both to them and to Wexford. The Ezine will be a quarterly newsletter of everything that is happening in Wexford business and tourism and it will also feature an interview with a Wexford person abroad.

There are over 40,000 Irish-born directors on the boards of British companies, and the UK and US are Ireland’s most important trading partners. It is a real opportunity for people at home and abroad to all work on Ireland’s renewal and to showcase Wexford on a world stage.”

The Ezine will be issued quarterly to the Wexford disapora and signing up to receive it couldn’t be simpler, just go to http://www.spotonmail.com/wexford and enter your email address and encourage your friends and family abroad to do so too.

John Joe Neville originally from Curracloe, Wexford and who now lives in Hong Kong features in the first Wexford diaspora Ezine interview. John Joe is an accountant who now works in banking.  JJ who visits home at least once a year has fond memories of Wexford particularly his school summer holidays, commenting in his interview John Joe says, “Things weren’t great in Ireland when I was growing up but everyone got by without too much complaint (bar the weather) but each year the one thing I really looked forward to was the summer holidays. Growing up in Curracloe meant the summers brought a whole new set of people to the village, everything came alive – it was like you were living in someplace famous. We had the best beach in the world and everyone wanted to come and see it. The long summers’ evenings, the visits to the beach, the visitors all made it feel as if this was the best place ever.”

According to John Joe Wexford’s the business because Wexford has the advantage of being served by first-class road links to Dublin and has direct access to the European mainland. It has a young and educated workforce, one that would only be too happy to have the opportunity to stay and work in the county.

The Vikings first launched their attack on Ireland in 795AD. And in 837AD, 60 Viking Dragon warships appeared. The latter half of the 19th century Ireland was struck by the Great Famine caused by potato blight that struck crops over a four-year period from 1845-49. Over two million people emigrated to countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, and from 1848-1950 over six million Irish fled the land. Now the Irish diaspora is thought to contain over 80 million people scattered all over the globe. So how many of them are from Wexford?

The first edition of Wexford Worldwide ezine has just been published

http://www.wexford.ie/ezine/ (full text version)

You can subscribe at



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